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The pattern of growth and multiplication is foundational in God’s plan for his people. In Genesis 1:28, God tells Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. Similarly, in Matthew 28: 19-20, after Jesus’ resurrection, He comes to His disciples and tells them to make disciples of all nations. God’s commands to us, as part of His local church, are no different. Our purpose and objectives are clear, and God has granted us the resources to fulfill them. Now, it’s time to commit them to the Kingdom. Imagine the possibilities if each one of us reading this would contribute to God’s plan for multiplication of the gospel in Ocean View and beyond.

[OV]Church’s MULTIPLY Project is designed to resource and support the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) in our local context of Ocean View, extending to our city, and starting a family of churches in Hampton Roads.

Our goal for this project is to raise $100,000 per year for the next ten years. This means that by 2030 we could invest $1,000,000 to multiply the gospel throughout Hampton Roads. Multiplying the gospel means finding or creating spaces where disciples can flourish, leaders can be developed and the pooling of Kingdom resources can lead to saturating the ground with gospel-centered churches.

While we know God is continually guiding our decisions on how to best mobilize our MULTIPLY funds, the most likely areas of support are as follows: education and training on multiplying churches through conferences, travel and other means, education and training for each church’s aspiring leaders in areas like the business side of church operations, establishing a church planting residency program, cultivating a central decision-making branch for our multi-church model (establishing graphics, printing, bookkeeping and media departments along with a library and other office staff, mobile church gathering and Kids Week equipment and materials, expanding mercy ministries such as the Food Pantry and Job Placement, Christian counseling services, and public theology so people can get involved in local city opportunities like civic leagues and business associations.

All of the offerings collected for MULTIPLY will be over and above the normal “tithe” or general budget giving and will be invested in making disciples, developing leaders and planting new churches. As we remain watchful for other ways God may lead us to multiply the gospel, we are asking that you prayerfully consider being part of this project by giving generously and sacrificially to help us successfully fulfill God’s vision for our city.

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