No Judgement

On your first visit to Little Creek Church, you’ll discover regular people striving to learn to deal with the challenges of life; based on teachings from the author of life himself, Jesus Christ.

PS – Come dressed comfortably for you.  If you are more comfortable in shorts, flip-flops, and your favorite Gratefull Dead t-Shirt, wear them.  If formal dress-up is more your speed, let’s see what you got!

We Are a Portable Church

Portable church means we have an office in one location, and we have our weekly gathering in a rented space that is in a different location than our office. 

As a growing church, we are excited that we meet in a rented space.  This approach to a gathering space allows us the flexibility to move into larger and larger spaces as we grow. 

What About My Kids?

Little Creek Church is a church for people of all ages.

While everyone is welcome in our large group gathering, we do offer dedicated programming environments for kids’ birth up through 5th grade.  These spaces and activities are supervised by adults who have been both trained and who have successfully passed a background screening.

What Will I Experience in the Large Group Gathering?

While we do from time to time switch things up for special weekends; during a typical service, you’ll be able to listen to or join us in singing a couple of songs.  Together, we will explore a truth from the Bible and discover through relevant and dynamic teaching how this truth can help each of us in our day to day lives. All of this takes just about an hour.

So what will I be able to do after I decide this is the church for me?

We realize that everyone is on a unique journey through life. So, instead of offering a sequence of steps or classes you must take; you can jump in and out of our Next Steps as you need them.  To learn more about our options, visit our Next Steps page.

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